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Preprocessed Data

Here we are sharing the output of preprocessing steps. Using this data, you can employ different (i) feature extraction methods and (ii) baseline correction approaches than what is reported in the paper.

If you are planning to apply different preprocessing steps (including (i) HPI compensation, (ii) artifact rejection, and (iii) source anlysis) you need to use the Raw data.

Please Read Me!

Please make sure that you consider the following hints before downloading the shared files:

- The data is shared only for research purposes.
- Commercial-related use of the data is not permitted.
- If you use any part of the shared data in any report, please make sure that you cite the "DECAF Dataset paper" in the report.

Thanks for your consideration!

Access Request

We use the Google Drive service to share the extracted features and the preprocessed data. To grant you an access to the (extracted features or/and the pre-processed) data, a Google id associated with your identity is needed (please see the EULA). The EULA should be downloaded, printed, signed, scanned and returned via email to decaf.mhug [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line "DECAF access request". Please state in your email your position and your institution. Please use your institutional email (i.e. not your Microsoft, Yahoo, etc account, unless of course you work in Microsoft, Yahoo) to submit your access request.

Download the EULA!

Data Format

Since all the pre-processing step is handled via MATLAB (and the FieldTrip toolbox), the shared signal files have ".mat" extensions and can be read using MATLAB/OCTAVE. The video files have ".avi" format .

Download from here, the pre-processed data including:

MEG brain Time-Frequency analysis output for Movie / Music video clips

Physiology signal taken from the raw signals and sorted according to user and clip ids

Facial tracks taken from the Tracker's output and sorted according to user and clip ids

Folder size: 14 GB

To get access to the documentation, please click here!