About MHUG

The main research interests of MHUG are the investigation and implementation of novel machine learning models for computer vision and multimedia computing. MHUG researchers address challenging topics in these field with an interdisciplinary approach that spans the following disciplines: computer science, mathematics, engineering and psychology. In particular, we develop methods for the representation and recognition of visual objects, actions and events, information retrieval from large-scale media sources, and detection/perception of human emotions.

MHUG is associated with Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Trento

Research Topics:

  • Computer visionobject recognition, action detection and recognition, scene understanding, event detection, video tracking, attribute learning.
  • Multimediacross-media retrieval, multi-modal learning and social computing.
  • Affective computingdetecting and recognizing emotional information, emotion in machines, facial affect detection, physiological monitoring, emotion modeling and classification.
  • Machine learning: deep learning, representation learning, graphical models, mixture models, linear and non-linear dimension reduction, transfer learning.

Research Projects:

European Projects:

National and local projects

  • Active Ageing at Home, Tecnologie per gli Ambienti di Vita, Cluster MIUR CTN01_00128 (2014-2017), Scientific Leader UNITN
  • Monitoring ART Museum Experience (MART-ME), TRP-TrentoRISE (2014-2016), Coordinator
  • Discovering, Relating and Reasoning about Events in Multi-Modal Data (EventStream), JRP-TrentoRISE (2014-2016), Scientific Leader UNITN
  • Mobile Data for Community and Individual Empowerment & Change (BeHave), TRP-TrentoRISE (2014-2016), Scientific Leader UNITN
  • FIRB 2008: Social Patterns: Modeling & Analysis (S-PATTERNS) (12/2010 – 12/2014), Coordinator
  • Persuasion Technologies (PERTE), Trento RISE (2012-2015), Scientific Leader
  • Observing Attention (OZ) – Universiade, Coordinaton
  • Brain Decoding of Affective Multimedia Stimuli with MEG (DECAF), CiMeC (1/2012-12/2013), Coordinator

Industrial projects

  • Analysis of Heterogeneous Data – Telecom Italia (12/2013-6/2014), Coordinator